Is It Time for a New Economics Curriculum? 

I have at times bought remaindered copies of economics textbooks for a dollar or so (no more, they have mostly disappeared) at Amazon but found the whole subject indigestible and filled with mathematical sophistries. A new wind seems to be blowing through the subject and this new brand is free online. The subject remarkably is tiptoeing let’s hope toward postcapitalism. We need a viable economy as ecosocialist ‘democratic market neo-communism’ with an economy with socialist markets based on a Commons with licensed resources. This hybrid should get its own textbook, either as a manifesto for revolutionary/reformist economic transformation or as textbook for such a system coming into being.

“The Economy,” a new textbook, is designed for the post-neoliberal age.

Source: Is It Time for a New Economics Curriculum? | The New Yorker

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