Verso: a shot over the bows….

I sent a link to Verso re: The Last Revolution as a possible submission. See below.

A complete waste of time. They won’t even answer. Verso has hundreds of books on Marxism, historical materialism by professional academics and the left elite, which are obsolete.

I doubt very seriously that a Marxist social transformation (read revolution) could be possible at this point. The left MUST start over beyond Marxism.

The idea/model of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ shows a better way to construct a postcapitalist system.
I write to revolutionary or reformist publics. The result is better quality books, almost, than what these big orgs can do:
it took three to five months to produce the illustration for DMR and LFM. The big publishers could never make a profit
with such labor-intensive books.

Descent of Man Revisited has thousands of downloads and people like its postdarwinism, and the many images.
The Last Revolution is already starting to create a mini-audience even in draft form.
Since Marxists wouldn’t dare read it (I have already been re-unsubbed from marxmail for suggesting historical materialism is obsolete)
I may just cap it with a quick completion and move on.
Marx’s theories of history are strangely fallacious for such a smart man.
His other work on class and ideology remain relevant.
But even there the issue of working-class focus, although the one thing Marx got right, is itself going nowhere except overseas.
There is an easy fix here: the idea of the Universal Class,etc,…many posts here.

Work in Progress: Postcapitalist Futures: The Last Revolution
From: Nemonemini
To: ; Nemonemini
Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2021 12:25 pm
I am sending the link to a book in progress and connected with the blog at
I am a critic of Marxism’s theories of history from the left and fear that Marxism in its current form will not generate future social transformation.

This book tries to provide a fast substitute framework

that is short, viable with a serious model of a ‘neo-communist economy/culture’.
I have a set of finished books and rough pdf/blog booklets/archives. A book like Descent of Man Revisisted, or Last and First Men (cf. blog, copies available)
which show the finished format that I can manage working alone with Adobe Indesign: the results are pdf ready for publication.
Also: Decoding World History
I can finish this new book for your press or continue with daily upgrades that are immediately downloadable, spoiling salability.
If you are interested I can revise strategy.

John Landon/nemonemini

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