revolution meets ‘(counter/) revolution’?…Political scientist on the crisis of democracy: ‘This is the same roadmap we saw in Germany’ 

We have said all along that a time of chaotification is coming, and in the US it has come already. We have created a basic socialist model that is benign, postmarxist, but quite ready to challenge to fascist turn to what is really counterrevolution. Our model learns from but disowns the marxist legacy which will produce instant conflict from more than just the right. This model will be able to mediate reformism/revolution/chaos and will be set to appeal to those who can see that democracy really requires a soft socialism and a new kind of economy/politics. This approach pulls a rabbit out of a hat, and it is a pretty tough rabbit at that: we offer failsafed revolutionary action, and/or reformist minimalism: our DMNC could get set in place with one or two sets of laws passed as legislation.
These options are still long shots but the situation follows a dialectical mystery: instead of active passive reconciliation we are watching the ‘passive’ (here the demonic right), reconciliation, active: chaos/fascism, mediation of opposites, an active response on the left.

We have critiqued the left, but here we see the use of a different brand. More latter, or make a paper airplane there. But have renounced dialectical thinking, but here it pops out in a new form:

as Bennett shows there are six triads of dialectical logic: Active, Passive, Reconciliation, APR, And:

ARP, PAR, RAP, R….etc…this may be the last time we use this, but our notion seems relevant to our present as a version of triadic process. Forget I mentioned it.

The issue is that the right is undermining itself and creating a future for its opposite. The WWI/bolshevism seems to have followed a similar dialectic. Our approach is better because it has a model this is holistic from the start: democracy and socialism. The Bolshevik era saw the collision of an attempted liberal democracy and a Bolshevik ‘coup’ or transition. Our model unites the two opposites one: DMNC, and be able to establish itself more coherently at the start.

Source: Political scientist on the crisis of democracy: ‘This is the same roadmap we saw in Germany’ –

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