Egnor Versus Dillahunty: “Does God Exist?” | Evolution News

Here is another ‘god’ essay from Evo News, the ID site. The work donet here on challenging Darwinism is often useful but the indirect strategy of god promotion always tends to dilute their efforts.
We discussed the ‘Physics of God’ misinterpretation today, but here we have a related confusion.
The whole debate over the ‘existence of god’ is, and always has been a completely incoherent mess of pottage. The term ‘god’ is left as is because these debates aim to buttress traditional religion. But you have to define the term and you can’t really use the Bible anymore. The ‘god’ of the Old Testament is a complete fiction about a savage tribal god.
Atheists subject such discussions to blanket rejection, which is understandable, but in principle at least proponents have the option to define ‘god’ and then discuss that in some way.

The next huge problem here is that the ‘existence’ of god is a mismatch of terms. God would be beyond existence and if he did ‘exist’ he would be more like a pagan divinity. So the first discussion crashed. Now this second one crashes too.

Some traditions distinguish being and existence and that is quite apt, but they don’t usually introduce ‘god’ into the discussion.

Source: Egnor Versus Dillahunty: “Does God Exist?” | Evolution News

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