To Marxmail – a further interaction///shock treatment for deadbeat Marxists going nowhere and running out of time//Marx and Engels: dumb and dumber

The discussion of historical materialsim
From: Nemonemini <>
To: j.aln, etc,
Cc: <>
Date: Tue, Sep 21, 2021 2:08 pm

Thanks for your email to me. But after what you said the fact remains that almost all my
posts are moderated out. (I find the software confusing because I have no idea what’s posted
in fact, mostly nothing. I replied to you via the post on historical materialism, but you may not see it.)
The issue of cults refers to Marxists in general, not this list.
All I meant was that discourse going back to the nineteenth century is dated, and incapable of
revision or any real discussion because it is dogmatically fixed.
Trying to communicate with a group like this could break the deadlock, but the odds are
against it due to the rigidity of the discourse. I have met hundreds of stranded leftists who
would like to do something realistic on the left but who are unable to interact with the mass of
religious believers in marxism. It is a heartbreaking situation.
There are dozens of socialist and communist marxist groups on the web, and not a single one
is going anywhere. Alan Woods at is writing a book on the history of philosophy
climaxing in Dialectical Materialism. Egad. How can anyone think at this point that they can lead the
left with such a idiotic pastiche of fallacies?


Thanks for this reply and also to Hari Kumar for his kind response. I am sorry for the confusion over the issues cited and the cc messages to group members. The question of cultism can be set aside…

Source: To Marxmail – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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