repost:/// the military salute is obsolete…// toward the liberation of the ‘soldier’.


The world of armies and soldiers is the last option/necessity for trying to create a new society. Such people come to dominate politics and official institutions and finally difficult horror stories. The Afghan story fails because it is dominated by manufactured morons who cannot grasp much as to democracy. And they used in something far from the patriotic war: they are fascist modules in capitalist wars of imperialism and genocide.

The sheer ugliness of soldiers and generals (in the news) generates revulsion and to think this army of orc/upgrades could reform Afghanistan passes belieff.
Socialists need soldiers, but in a new form, reborn into forms of psychological liberation that make cadre robot soldier routines a thing of the past. This was obvious in the Vietnam era, and the mafia of generals at the top counterattacked with a refined conditioning system that makes the average soldier the more grotesque for having his spirit broken. The soldiers you see in the movie platoon summarize the issues quite well but such fascinating ‘riffraff’ are not soldiery du jour. Rascals, but a good starting point, first recruits in a New Model Army. what is the meaning of true discipline as conscious awareness?
The path to socialism must liberate the common soldier to a new idea, and if this is seditious too f-cking tough luck, general.
The left needs to reimagine military issues, soldiers, and armies and induce army chaos at the divide to revolution: the soldiers in the Russian revolution arm in WWI were key, and threw down their rifles and walked home, in Russia long walks indeed. Time to think

In the seventies in my wanderings I met hundreds of derelict Vietnam vet/alcholics, unable to overcome their vietnam revulsion. If society stops manufacturing soldiers it will not be able to fight its evil wars.

Source:  Afghanistan: opium mafia behind the botched occupation? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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