psychopathocracy, assassins-in-chief,

How could it happen that ‘good government’ could so decline/debase/degrade that the top dog in the oval office could even/ever agree to murder with drone strike technology? In an un-sick society the obvious would prevail: murder is not good government.

Note: soldiers are selected from stupid statistical ranks, get promoted to advisory high idiot levels, and militarize/dumb down dot govs: that plus covert agency psychopaths and categories like ‘national security’ at full bullshit levels, results? drone murder, very high tech, evil science… Oval office murder one syndrome…goodbye US: fascist endgames…plus presidents are selected for their stupidity, at best….

“That was not a ‘mistake,'” said journalist Anand Giridharadas. “War crimes are not oopsies.”

Source: US Urged to End Drone Strikes After Pentagon Says Killing 10 Afghan Civilians Was ‘Horrible Mistake’

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