Why Are Ebooks So Terrible? – 

I myself once hated ebooks but have adapted to them and they have one strong characteristic: for those who read a lot of books the expense is too great. But suddenly with ebooks one can get three to four books for the same price (tho some are quite expensive). That’s an advantage that quickly puts ebooks ahead and one can read one or more a day. The same prejudice against paperbacks once reigned. Plus all of a sudden there are dozens of Kindle books for free, most scholarly books. Hundreds. One thing that can help is to read Kindle books on a desktop in legible print at a reasonable size. I sold my ebook reader back to Amazon and skipped that technology. Click on the ‘manage contents and device’ on the Kindle menu, on a desktop window and you get a nice format for reading books rapidly.

Source: Why Are Ebooks So Terrible? – The Atlantic

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