Postcapitalist Futures: The Last Revolution: new version

postcapitalist_ futures_NWBK_ver4a_LFT_2021

From the Conclusion

The prophetic period of the 1848 period foresaw the problematic of capitalism but the phenomenon outstripped their revolutionary intent/ Perhaps the escalation of extreme climate will prove the tipping point to action however belated. The current US system is doomed, and the echo chamber of fascist ghosts. The American Revolution was one of the very few that came to a successful term. A republic if you can keep it, as the Founding Fathers noted. We may thus allow ourselves the thought that a new revolution is founded in a hidden lemma of our Constitution, to the consternation of dismal reactionaries and capitalist hyenas. And with a new knowledge bequeathed from the era of the 1848 period, that democracy without a socialism is not democracy and that a new revolution must be the last chance for the Last Revolution, the men in three-cornered hats, now socialists in a new democratic socialist republic, to once again be a model to the world.

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