A remarkable change on the left: the truth about 9/11 gets a hearing…//Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started – CounterPunch.org

This is one of the first articles in the mainstream progressive left to consider the false flag operation by the US behind 9/11, at Counterpunch which has one other dissenter: Paul Craig Roberts several years ago. I think the interpretation here is still slightly off: I am not sure but I think that the 9/11 operation was really a US/covert agency/Mossad operation all along and that the Saudis were set up patsies. But this breakthrough article should be a wake-up call for the rest of the left. The exact history of the confusion over 9/11 is confused but Mossad has been charged with a hidden hand in the creation of the Truther movement and figures like Chomsky (and Cockburn at CP) have most strangely been part of the disinfo campaign. Chomsky is hard to understand here. An investigative journalist of his caliber has to be aware of the facts of the case which takes about an hour of Internet research if you can get past the first page in the rigged Google search. So Chomsky’s apparent deception here is baffling.
And it is a disgrace that lists like Marxmail still to this day can’t even discuss the issues online.
That said, it is easy to see that the US was involved but getting the real facts right is hard and still ongoing.

What is the truth about the 9/11 attacks on New York?According to the testimony given by CIA insider Susan Lindauer, the CIA knew about the planned attacks on the World Trade Center as early as April, 2001. According to Lindauer, it was realized that airplanes striking the buildings would not cause their collapse, and so the disaster was deliberately made worse than it otherwise would have been by US government agents who planted explosives.Other evidence supports Lindauer’s testimony. Numerous people in New York saved samples of the dust produced by the collapse of the WTC buildings, and chemical analysis of the dust showed the presence of nanothermite, a powerful heat-producing compound which seems to have been used to melt the steel framework of the strongly constructed skyscrapers. Videos of the collapse of the buildings, especially Building 7, show them falling freely, in the manner of controlled demolition. The videos also show molten steel pouring out of the buildings. Furthermore, pools of recently-melted steel were found in the ruins, before these were sealed off from the public. An ordinary fire does not produce temperatures high enough to melt steel. New York Fire Department workers reported hearing numerous explosions in the WTC buildings before they collapsed.

Source: Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started – CounterPunch.org

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