Strange Crusaders: Diary of the Afghan War – a useful propaganda org for the US coverup of 9/11

This is the usual kind of brazen deception in the interpretation of 9/11 as the anniversary arrives against. The ‘miracles of logistical calculation’ could never have been accomplished by Osama Bin Laden or any group of that kind. Only the resources at the level of government itself, probably the action of the covert agencies including Mossad, could have pulled off 9/11. And with various associated figures such as the owner who took out a billion-plus dollar insurance policy next to the prior knowledge in Wall Street circles, that made the false flag op a windfall for many.

The onslaughts on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are being likened to Pearl Harbor and the comparison is just. From the point of view of the assailants the attacks were near miracles of logistical calculation, timing, courage in execution and devastation inflicted upon the targets.

Source: Strange Crusaders: Diary of the Afghan War –

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