Battle rages to pass $3.5 trillion progressive agenda – People’s World

`The dysfunction of the rapidly sinking American democratic system could hardly be more evident than in the way a few conservatives democrats wish to deprive the passage of even feeble gestures toward climate change. Such people are directly in the pay of capitalist hyaenas stalking the Washington political circuit.
If the US is cheated out of even an anemic gesture toward dealing with climate change, in the loss of another four to eight years, the whole game of American democracy is going to suffer terminal shock. But that is the intention of the hidden, now not so hidden fascists trying to take over…

With the Labor Day holiday over and Congress returning to Washington, the rush is on to pass the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill which is the vehicle for the bulk of President Joe Biden’s progressive domestic agenda. Standing in the way are so-called “centrist” Democrats like Sens.

Source: Battle rages to pass $3.5 trillion progressive agenda – People’s World

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