If the left can’t figure out the 9/11 deception it is close to zombification…

The issue of 9/11 is critical for the left. I sent two posts to marxmail, one critical of Marxism, the other on 9/11, and note from the reaction the way even the left can’t tolerate open discussion on the issue. No one can explain why or discuss the cancel culture that attacks people like me egregiously. I have learned that the current left is a pretty soggy mess.

In part figures like Cockburn and Chomsky have established a reign of silence and confusion on the issue. WHY? I suspect Chomsky is a pseudo-leftist who works to keep the left in check. It can’t be possible a figure like Chomsky could be fooled by 9/11, so what’s his game? He has stultified a whole generation. It is not clear why this happened, Questioning the 9/11 official account should be a no-brainer even for Common Dreams, so the current situation is grounds for genuine alarm: the left is not what it claims and is either braindead, infiltrated, or who knows. It is not a safe or healthy situation.

Re: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11From: NemoneminiTo: marxmail@groups.ioDate: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 2:14 pm The 11th Anniversary of 9/11The turning point on 9/11 at Counterpunch came a while back as an articleby Paul Craig Roberts clarified the issue. But the confusion on the left continues.I am not sure of the link to Medea Benjamin.The left needs to reconsider its stance on 9/11, the more so since the false flag opwas used to justify terrific violence against Moslems all across the Middle East.To make itself complicit in this is a tragedy for the left.The evidence for a conspiracy is too strong now. The owner himself of the Twin Towerstook out a huge insurance policy just before 9/11, and a pack of Wall Street operatives madea bundle on the tragedy.To find nanothermite in the Twin Towers dust should make the harshest skeptic sit up and take notice.To plant nanothermite on multiple floors of the Twin Towers to create free fall collapse is no mean feat and would take complete access forover tweny four hours by trained personnel as the authorities looked the other wayEvidence like this is abundant, and whatever the case, the official account is dead.The whole nauseating coverup is beneath the dignity of the left.

Source: 1848+: The End(s) of History

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