Rajneesh wasn’t the last idiot guru…next case…//Sadhguru – YouTube

The next case of global guru/money machine is this remarkable goof and hopeless idiot all over again.
This case is exceptional as swindles go, and to be fair may make sense in the context of Indic culture, where he plays wise as village idiot in excelsis, but on the global stage this phenom gets its slot in the excesses of capitalism (with a question about what to do with this case after the revolution…). The amount of money you can make like this is stunning.
But slowly but surely the mystique wears off: don’t be fooled by claims for enlightenment: the issue produces a nausea at this point.
We didn’t really learn this from Deepak Chopra who couldn’t even pretend, or Rajneesh who mastered the pretense mode. So what do we have here. Time for secular humanists to study raja yoga and get to the bottom of the basic issue as we these gurus take Jesus down with them in the implosion of the guru game.

Source: Sadhguru – YouTube

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