Our Revolution’s problem, not revolutionary

We have plus/minused the Berniac movement many times since 2016. We might again note that the strategy makes complete sense on the surface but over time suffers the obvious flaw of getting nowhere. To absorb revolutionary intent into reformist logic is either a brilliant strategy or a deception that in the end serves the status quo.
By the same token the strategy will finally lead to an actual breakout into revolution so defined, too late no doubt. What are the actual results of this strategy that has coopted ‘our revolution’?

This tactic backfires and we see that ‘our revolution’ as a potential has shifted to the alt-right and mirabile dictu a real if hare-brained effort to stage an actual revolutionary insurrection–from the right

Our Revolution members from coast to coast are carrying out our 4-POINT PLAN to fight for a progressive future. From coast to coast, we’re organizing to #1) Defeat Trump by winning back working-class voters in the Midwest; #2) Elect a progressive Congress #3) Build a down-ballot bench of progressive champions and policies; and most critically, #4) Organize a powerful grassroots movement inside the halls of power and outside in the streets to win transformative change after the election!

Source: Our Revolution

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