If Mann implies revolution he should get out of academic tweedledee and lead one…//The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet ,

I just blew fourteen bucks on this book: if the climate crisis is that bad the book should be for free. In fact, I have been reading this book for the last forty years as the climate experts denounce the climate crisis parameters, make statements implying the situation is hopeless and unsaid that it requires/implies revolution (without mentioning revolution) and then retreat into tweedle dee mode. It is people like me who will have to fight that revolution while the academic potty thinkers ruminate and preen their Gandhian saintly feathers. In fact, all these ‘progressives are the same: they imply contexts, then have a non-violent preening moment, and then we await the next article from Common Dreams. Will Mann please either shut up or suggest some kind of revolutionary tactic?
I was about to say that the situation has passed no return, but strangely the recent calamity of IDA has once again produced the chorus of the handwringers and for the first time that I can recall CNN bench comment actually referenced the connection of IDA to climate change. Amazing! Is this progress? Revolution? Mann’s last option, go down fighting, kamikaze. is Jan 6 a model, premonition, some sort of trial run. I think leftists have let the Jan 6 alt-right steal their thunder.
At some point, even the Bidens will have to act and seemed to be doing so, into the mike. Again, should the left storm the capital? but do it right this time: they should reach Bernie Sanders office and take him, prisoner, as a revolutionary frontman, parroting ‘Our Revolution’, with a bloodthirsty look, cf. Madame Lafarge in the movie. I can see the inevitable, will have to do it all by myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have the bus fare to reach Washington.

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