From ‘Our Revolution’ manque ripped off to the alt-right and Jan 6 ‘insurrection’…

Progressives, and the left in general, might consider that the ‘revolutionary’ slot has been ripped off by the right, and while the indignation against the alt-right’s Capitol caper has been morally quite indignant the deeper suspicion is that the immense tide of revolutionary thinking/ideology has subsided only to resurface as fascism: a variant no doubt of the kind of reversal we see in the emergence of fascism/nazism. The left is completely paralyzed and unable to proceed beyond slogans.

We have plus/minused the Berniac movement many times since 2016. We might again note that the strategy makes complete sense on the surface but over time suffers the obvious flaw of getting nowhere.…

Source: Our Revolution’s problem, not revolutionary – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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