The eonic effect versus marxist economic historicism

The last series of posts of today show the difficulty of studying world history, evolution, and much else. The results are immensely complex and prone to disintegration with the wrong kind of applied theory. The Marxist project in this context is unrealistic and too reductionist. We see that world history is too complex for economic explanations. The left needs to beware then, as the example of Bolshevism makes obvious, applying too narrow analyses to cultural totalities. This is said as a kind of warning of what is already the case: Marxists are wasting their breath because the general culture will not buy into a Marxist cultural system.
But this is not a rejection of socialism or communism. These are more than adapted already to world historical evolution and emerge in the contextg of the modern transition and the appearanceof capitalism. Marxist confused everyone by th eway Marx took control of the ideas of the early socialists and drove them out of business with his own flawed formulation. There is much of value in Marx, but a viable socialism (neo-communism) needs a new framework. We have provide an example very easily. Marxists are closed in a cult and will doubtfully listen here. The spell of Marx is too great. But his overall corpus of theory is mediocre and leads to wrong results, if not Stalinism.

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