repost: a remarkable breakout on 9/11 lies in a left publication…// Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started 

Reading this remarkable article, at Counterpunch no less, is a surprise indeed. For decades critics of the 9/11 have been crying in the wilderness as to the real history of what was clearly a kind of false flag operation, by some part of the American state, and now increasingly seen as in complicity with Israel. The many critics have suffered a kind of cancel culture effect and been marginalized even on the left. The issue of 9/11 has had any number of different though related interpretations and this version here, to be commended for a kind of breakout account in the reign of silence, is open to the objection that the 9/11 false flag op was planned long in advance and that the supposed Saudi source was of a set of patsies set up from the start. This aspect is murky and many are reluctant to discuss the issue of Israel in any way. To cite a CIA source in any form implies that in a org of brazen liars, one could tell the truth. But this interpretation should be taken seriously under examination. Perhaps the issue is finally seen aright. The rest of the material is part of the body of evidence, e.g. the discovery of nanothermite and the evidence of staged demolition, is entirely to the point in the almost monstrous episode of the construction of the war on terror by the covert sectors of the US (and Israel). We have chastised Counterpunch many times on the grounds of their refusal to consider the issue, but finally it is moving into the open.
It is very hard and takes time for the public, left or not, to come to any sense of this dark moment in American history. But sooner or later the reckoning in public was inevitable. There is an extensive literature here and the public realization of the truth is a grim moment for the public view/reputation of the American democratic legacy, now seen to have been compromised long ago and its darker side coming to the fore so grimly on 9/11. We have a huge backlist of posts on 9/11.

What is the truth about the 9/11 attacks on New York? According to the testimony given by CIA insider Susan Lindauer, the CIA knew about the planned attacks on the World Trade Center as early as April, 2001. According to Lindauer, it was realized that airplanes striking the buildings would not cause their collapse, and so the disaster was deliberately made worse than it otherwise would have been by US government agents who planted explosives. Other evidence supports Lindauer’s testimony. Numerous people in New York saved samples of the dust produced by the collapse of the WTC buildings, and chemical analysis of the dust showed the presence of nanothermite, a powerful heat-producing compound which seems to have been used to melt the steel framework of the strongly constructed skyscrapers. Videos of the collapse of the buildings, especially Building 7, show them falling freely, in the manner of controlled demolition. The videos also show molten steel pouring out of the buildings.

Source: Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started –

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