The critics of the 9/11 ‘truthers should be charged as complicit in the carnage created by 9/11 state propaganda…//Spike Lee’s HBO documentary stars 9/11 conspiracy theorist Richard Gage.

The issue of 9/11 had been so muddled by left and right both that it is very difficult to step beyond the disinformation on the subject. The question of 9/11 is not hard to figure out: the evidence of a false flag op by the US and probably Israel has never been refuted by so-called critics of conspiracy theories. It is not clear how the left got misled here but the issue of a deep state or covert agency operation is too strong to explain away using the charge of truther, etc…
The days of the left led by Chomsky attacking critics is passing and the stark reality of the deception is resurfacing, the more so as the calamity of Afghanistan (and Iraq) as imperial ventures using the 9/11 operations as propaganda for a war on Terror. The critics of the students of the 9/11 should be considered complicit in the immense carnage of US crimes against humanity.
The attempts to debunk the evidence for controlled demolition is mostly a shouting match by those in denial, starting with Chomsky

Bravo for Spike Lee

HBO needs to fix this before it’s too late.

Source: Spike Lee’s HBO documentary stars 9/11 conspiracy theorist Richard Gage.

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