9/11 too complex and timing too convenient to have been due to terrorists

Telling summary article.
Slowly but surely the realization that the timing of 9/11 was too convenient to have been the work of terrorists (as if Bin Laden et al. could have mounted such a complex operation. Only entities on the scale of covert agencies: US/Mossad could have mounted such a false flag op). The Saudis were all patsies.)
I won’t press this interpretation of my own here but the author seems to be squinting over his raised poker hand in a bluff.

The whole game from 9/11 to Afghanistan (the author’s intent is larger and starts with colonial America) is so appalling that American democracy is effectively nullified behind the carefully maintained front of democratic ritual.
We have no option for revolution that we can envision so a terrible evil has encased the social state and produced the patriotic mindcontrol and ideological capitalist religion of the citizens, objects of total contempt in the whole mafia state, which we suspect in Afghanistan was trough of the milit-indust complex and/or a creeping complot toward fascism in disguise….

Instead, the neo-con Project for a New American Century seized on the fact of A New World Order and foretold a regime of U.S. global domination that could never be challenged. It declared the need for “a new Pearl Harbor” that would galvanize the will of the American people to cement its military dominance over all other nations, forever. The 9/11 event came along on schedule, as needed, and the U.S. began its campaign to dominate the world under the color of yet another rhetorical fig leaf, the Global War on Terror.It is impossible to understand Afghanistan, or Iraq for that matter, without understanding this context.

Source: Opinion | The Lessons the U.S. Will Probably Not Learn from Afghanistan | Robert Freeman

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