Design in nature, for ‘atheists’

We addressed this post yesterday but can make some additional points: the claims for design in the universe make sense but then the conclusion is that this is evidence of mind in nature. The problem here is that you still have to show what ‘mind’ is and probably without reference to the human mind. If mind is behind evolution, what is behind mind? The antinomial regress is not an answer. The feeling about design is real, and shows that the universe shows non-random processes.
Let’s play a trick here, honest and out front: the eonic effect (Cf. Decoding World History) shows design in history, which sometimes seems intelligent indeed. But the design is not the same as the design proposed by Jews and Christians as in the Old Testament. How do we distinguish different forms of design? In fact, the eonic effect shows massive evidence for its own issue of ‘design’, and it effectively replaces the monotheistic confusion over design. It is not yet science, to be sure, but it is empirical.
At this point, the ID group becomes dangerous because they are right-wing Trump fans hoping to use design arguments to establish a theological regressive theocracy. Fair, unfair? In any case, they are not open to free discussion. In the last twenty years since WHEE showed design in nature by an ‘atheist’, I have never been able to exchange an email, even once with the gang there. I can’t post comments, and in the end their tactics are not science but incipient theology based not on science but on design propaganda for social control, etc, etc…

Source: A Covert Nod to Meyer’s “God Hypothesis”? | Evolution News

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