From system generation to free agency…

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We should comment that radical new insights into history are very difficult to promote into general culture, here in the US, which is a closed set of mindsets constricted by overspecialization, Darwinian propaganda, crypto-ideological conditioning on capitalism, the myths of democracy turning into oligarchy, academic fixations of the professorial caste, plus the still outstanding religious ideologies, i.e. religions, fading rapidly. Believe it or not an amateur and speed reader can do better than all these experts subjected to constraints that limit free thinking. It is very hard to extricate from this nexus.

The US is in trouble.
A moment of reckoning is coming: look at the American system: behind a veneer of democracy capitalism, oligarchy, imperialism, and several longer lists of the evils, is almost defunct. It can barely function at this point…It is a record so dire behind the excuse of social darwinism.

People hyping theories can be tiresome but I would nevertheless venture that the ‘eonic effect’ is the only glimpse of evolution that we have, albeit the evolution of civilization, not …

Update/addendum: this is valid because the discussion is of factual patterns in a reasonable context of analysis that doesn’t presume to ‘theory’ (as distinguished in our terminology from ‘model’ or empirical chronology). If you stick to these limits you get a surprise: you see the dynamic that would be the candidate for a historical science, but too complicated and requiring an immense amount of reading, and of high quality scholarly books, and not just that, but reading distributed over the whole of history in multiple regions. With this balance, a strange pattern of world history suddenly stands out, in a fragment. It was almost discovered in the nineteenth century and Karl Jaspers was another case of ‘almost’ as he sailed right past the eonic effect.
But analysis suddenly enters the realm of ‘serious heresies’, like teleology in biology and history, and there is no safe methodology for that. But the fact needs to be faced that human civilization shows a strange something directing it. The Israelites had a sense of it but fell into a rabbit hole of theistic historicism that confused the issue.
And the Israelite view was still very limited. Strangely the Buddhists couldn’t detect it although Gautama had a sense of ‘cycles of dharma’ in different age periods, another almost an almost. This ‘eonic effect’ (the term was a poor choice, most people can’t pronounce it), is basically a total world history now annexing the first higher civilizations in Sumer and Egypt, plus the Neolithic, plus the Paleolithic, plus guesswork about the early evolution of ‘species man’. Suddenly (five thousand years is a minimum) we see a system of progressive cyclicity, with two full cycles and the start of a third, our present.

I invite you to critique this perspective with its rock solid foundation in evidence. But cancel culture allows no critiques of outside views. The can’t be allowed to be said to exist.
Here we get a shock: we fail to realize just how much our cultural history is generated in a larger system in a series of transitions. Once those transitions stop man is suddenly on his own, in the past with disastrous results. We exited the modern transition ca. 1800 (called the divide point) and in antiquity after two centuries past 600 BCE (an earlier divide point) everything seemed to fell apart. This macro effect has an inner dilemma: if you overcontrol the system would be mechanical, if you undercontrol it would become chaos. In fact we see that in antiquity.
So what does the future hold for us now? Ominous signs of chaos are already apparent. We will discuss this again later. Suddenly a state of relative insanity had Trump, who came close to sabotaging the whole system. .There is much more there like that.
At the current rate of disintegration the US will soon no longer be a democracy, if it ever was one.
Anyway these discussions assume a lot of study, in the dilemma of historical blindness.

Sadly there is no way the professional cadre will ever gain this insight although it is not too distant from the ‘end of history’ debate (a hopeless muddle) but done right, without the Marx or Hegel, or Adam Smith, or….
The fate of Rome was a grim verdict on human self-evolution. We are now at the testing point moving into a self-generated future, without the hidden director. Man must test himself as a free agent. Previous eras have all failed. So what now? Homo sapiens is a pretty creepy hominid. Best of luck. A second massive failure probably spells the doom of this species. Hope I scared you. You can’t invoke religion a this point as way out. The christian legacy is very misleading and archaic at this  point.

Source:  Intractable evolutionary complexity, and a glimpse via the eonic effect – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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