History, bad science, free agents and the dilemma of a science of history

Decoding World History ED 1_6dcdx

Modern science has failed to find a science of history. Behind the brilliance of physics, a vein of sheer stupidity pervades the realm of science. For over a century the confusion of Darwinism has reigned in a preposterous set of fallacies. Most physicists are fanatic about history and causality, sight unseen, despite the totally obvious point that choice, if not free will, is the key to a real understanding. The model of the eonic effect shows the way to bring agency (free will or not) into a model of history, a unique first. But the basic idea is simple, and examples exist in many forms (check out the computer code for a mouse). The eonic model shows the way a high-level process generates a new future but does so in terms of free agents in the transformation of their consciousness. It is a mysterious process but we can detect it in action. The free will question is better addressed by Kant than physicists, who are muddleheads on the issue.

We must be wary of metaphysical speculations, but at the same time we can infer indirectly some kind of creative process or energy in history and this in fact is ‘historical evolution’ which is a form of evolution as such. We don’t understand evolution, and that’s not surprising: look at the outline of an organismic body plan. Its complexity is stupendous and it is hard to see how any process could generate that. But it does, and that’s empirically sound.

Man is the object of the immense gifts of nature, and the stupidity of Darwinism is almost beyond belief. The evolution of civilization is directed by some kind of macroevolutionary process and it seems to have two levels, macro and micro. But we cannot really pin down the exact nature of evolution: it is a basic cosmological ‘directive’ and no doubt is related to ‘fine-tuning’. Scientists were obsessed with a theory that could establish atheism, but that obsession is passing. Noone excepts the dwindling realm of creationists connects theism with evolution. It is already passing into history. But the reality remains that evolution and macro history show design, teleology, and meaning. History blends facts and values and that is what keeps it beyond the realm of physics. We will in the future look back on the triumphs of physics as a minor beginning to a much more complex ‘new type of science’.

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