Watch The Manchurian Candidate | Prime Video

Query on ‘manchurian candidate’….We mentioned the term ‘manchurian candidate’ a while back, but perhaps the term should not be used in the way we used it. Dark side sufis, like EJ Gold or Gurdjieff don’t correspond to anything in the movie. It refers to a movie, not to actual factual study.

Despite the compelling interest of this classic movie, it does not really make clear either the history of the Korean war soldiers supposedly brainwashed by North Korean communists or the question of ‘brainwashing’ as such. It is not clear that North Korean communists had any real grasp of such a dread technology. The same appears to be the case of the MK-ultra experiments. It is possible no doubt to overwhelm the mind of an experimental subject with drugs, hypnosis but the results we suspect never really succeed beyond creating nervous breakdown.

The people who conduct these terrible experiments are mostly pyschopaths who are incapable in the end of grasping the import of the basic question/issue.

The danger springs from those who embark on a real ‘spiritual’ path, whatever that is, and thence fall into psychic confusions as they blunder into the dark side.
The human mind is a very difficult mystery to solve and it protects itself from invasive or malevolent intervention, but on a superficial level
the conditioning of social individuals is relatively easy for any given social entity, e.g. Madison Avenu advertising: the latter has a considerable technology
of superficial mind control.
But the deeper level of danger is beyond the false motives of whole apparatus of psychopaths who have seized control of most societies. Fortunately.
Was Gurdjieff a psycopath? Seems not the case, something far darker is at work as he confesses to being a devil and making cryptic remarks on the subject of
hypnosis. Such people are much more dangerous, but fortunately very rare

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