retake on Lewontin

I think I will withdraw this post soon after an interesting article in Counterpunch by Stuart Newman.
But I am unclear about this group of people including SJ Gould: they were either reticent and hence misleading, or maybe we have succeeded and everyone is changing their story and/or sticking to their story which apparently implied but did not actually say that natural selection was false. The classic spandrels piece clearly implies a problem with natural selection but is confusing in its overall discussion. All this is long ago, and as academic professionals these critics were in a dangerous position talking from two sides of the mouth, at least with the nerve to broach a problem with Darwinism (as far as I can make out).

Men like Lewontin must surely have known that their position was fallacious. The deception is monumental. The left has to set the record straight, and move on. It seems sad that Lewontin and his ci…

Source:    We can’t honor the memory of Lewontin given the hopeless confusion created around evolution, by Marx first…. – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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