Darwininism, a tragedy of science?


These two posts are too seemingly arcane for most readers at first, but that is to be expected, the ideas are not familiar. You learn all this in no time. The real problem is that because the pseudo-science of Darwinism controls public thought and discourse on evolution, new ideas of evolution can never find a hearing.
It is hard to believe that the age of Big Science has betrayed us and is content to enforce an ideology.
Darwinism has multiple false uses:
it is good cover for psychopaths to justify ruthlessness
it is good cover for capitalists to justify economic competition
it is being used to promote a perverted version of secular humanism
What else?
it has promoted the tactics of the Big Lie, using science.

But I think in reality is most biologists are simply too untelligentt to conduct their own subject.
But then the same would be true of physicists who are hyperintelligent,supposedly, but unable to
get out of the Darwin rut. The answer is they are like savants with physics but otherwise idiots.

Darwin suffered ideological bias, no doubt, but he was unable to think through his subject
which many have suspected he got from Wallace who used natural selection as a idea or placeholder to help him
understand the fact of evolution. After that he moved on swiftly beyond selectionism.
But Darwin and generations of idiots were caught in a rapidly consolidating public ideology
that is going to sink science’s reputation once the reality has sunk in.

Let us note again the way evolution appears at our divide (system action) and shows us several
initial thinkers: the teleomachinists, and Lamarck whose instinctive first attempt at evolution
basically go it right, though in a somewhat inchoate form

So in our model we see system action generating the innovation of evolution thinking and the free agency
making a mess of the whole thing.

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