Cuba Protests: Nationwide Unrest as Covid-19 Pandemic Increases Hunger – YouTube

I have often been supportive but critical of Cuba’s communism.
In fact, as we can see Cuba wasn’t what we thought it was.
Another Marxist fraud protected by propaganda and sentimental leftists.

We have over and over again suggested the need for a new post-Marxist approach.
Our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ (as ecosocialism) allows a new path to
experimental socialist construction that can actually produce a decent economy
and bypasses the hopeless jackknife effect of ‘communism’ and ‘(liberal/capitalist) democracy’.
This model is only that, but it has the strength that if ordinary liberal capitalism can work then
this new system should also work. Cuba is still another casualty of marxist idiots. The resolution is
utterly simple, perhaps too simple but easily extended with new legal systems, checks and balances and the fundamentals
of expropriation… The effect of planning and socialist markets is almost overkill: but this approach take of the possibilities and
asks us to unite a complete set of opposites in one system

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