R48G: beyond the pseudo-left

This is a useful article and important for our critique of Marxism along with our hypothetical abstraction: The Red Fortyeight Group. Our critique of Marx’s historical theories has an ironic result: the core of his work stands out as more coherent: issues of historical materialism move the side but empirical histories and issues of class, working class, remain in place.
We deal with a new way to consider class: the universal class and its subsets, the working class, along with a complex nexus of overlapping classes.

But the definition of working class is ambiguous now/ If we define it as ‘all those who are under wage labor the ambiguity of the category is striking because salaried managers in capitalists orgs are working class  (??) Or else, all those subject to capitalism dynamics.
To be clear we must multitask multiple initiatives in the various entities in the universal class. To make the working class the focus of radical action is entirely apt  A radical action needs multi-focus on multiple class formations that are ‘working class’ but perhaps also lower to upper middle class.
A transition to socialism must have a plan for the whole universal class.
More needs to be said here, but the strictures against the pseudo-left are of great interest here….

The development of the class struggle is putting to the test political programs, tendencies and parties.

Source: What the growing class struggle in the US reveals about the pseudo-left – World Socialist Web Site

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