Marx, The Paris Commune & Socialism’s Two Souls: What Liberation Are We Fighting For? | rs21

A battle for the soul of socialism. Although the bottom-up challenge from Marx/Engels resonates to every moment of radical thinking we should consider that neither side has ever really resolved the argument. That’s because each side is stuck in a recipe for failure. The great moment of the Commune was, in the end, a failure: the moment slipped away because the bottom-up couldn’t reckon the top-down, maybe. Was Bolshevism bottom-up or top-down? Lenin took up the theme of the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ and claimed he was moving to represent a working-class state, a vain hope. Hal Draper’s classic book with that title lingers over the discussion like the ghost of Hamlet’s father. One issue is the failure of the top-down to produce a vision of a realistic socialism in practice.
One issue now is the impending crisis that confronts these two lefts at the
moment of truth, now at risk of heat stroke. Another problem is that the working class is a global entity now where the US is ambiguously graced with a working class that is really middle class. All the strictures against the middle class now apply to the working class despite the remainder recreating itself: the proletariat at Amazon, for example.
We can at best only offer our own floating abstraction and model, ‘democratic market neo-communism as ecological socialism’. This can be realized by a working calls revolution and/or a top-down scheme of born again revolutionary bourgeois stuck-ups, the exact state of mind of Marx/Engels.
The moment is desperate and out of time for this debate. We can at least consider a superior version such as our DMNC could in the abstract be another attempt in a hybrid mindful that the working-class is all the wage laborers and all passive behind capitalist dynamics. Which is just about everyone anyway, so by this measure a quick suited ‘mob’ of bourgeois stuck-ups and as many working-class stiffs as can be shaken out of their bourgeois union-payraise day dream can, well, do a lot better than the alt-right remnant assaulting the Capitol.

Source: Marx, The Paris Commune & Socialism’s Two Souls: What Liberation Are We Fighting For? | rs21

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