The irrationality of darwinism

Discussing evolution with Darwinists is a strange process. The superstitious belief that natural selection produces the evolution of a species is like religious faith. But in reality, the fact remains that science doesn’t have a shred of evidence of species evolution by natural selection. Let me repeat that, NONE. Note that such evidence would have to stretch over millions of years. You would need an awfully large library for the documentation, which could take a lot of time to read. Stand your ground here and don’t get intimidated by the putdowns in place of argument. For academics, I have to shake my head, what to do. If you dissent you can lose your job. Scientists can’t deal with the issue. It needs outsiders.

There is no evidence that natural selection produced a new species in deep time. None. We can’t observe such a process which can occur over long periods. The term is ‘natural selection’ so I will use that. Let me repeat: biologists have NEVER observed the data required to prove Darwin’s theory. These discussions are caught in what is ether the stupidity or the deception of biologists. The question of statistics haunts the false claims of Darwinists. Random mutations are statistically unlikely in the extreme to generate evolution. Produce the evidence for an actual case. There is none.

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