China to sino-form the planet? China is one of the most ethnocentric cultures in the world, global domination will never succeed…

uh-oh, we need a new blog category: yellow peril.

The book here in question is from a critic, apparently, but is provocative on the future of the Chinese brand of civilization/communism. The flaw was in the original Marxist model and the Bolshevik heritage is fatally confusing. The American brand is already a failure. Let’s learn some kind of lesson here.
Let us hope the Chinese are not dumb enough to act as charged.
Christian nations had an entire religion of cultural integration, and even that failed. The Chinese could never integrate a global culture save at the level of genocide, the starting point for the Maoist venture: one million capitalists murdered.
China does not have the cultural or ideological resources to make the world an empire, save at the level of barbarism. Its action in Tibet and with the Uighurs shows at once that it will fail but it could fail through genocide first. I blame the author of this critique, maybe…
Communism was a failure from the start and guarantees China’s failure.

This book on China is compelling and invites comparison with the US. I should refrain instead, it is VERY hard to get it right, but some speculative warnings. There is something tragic about both C…

Source:  US, China: US, beacon of democracy or continental rape by a bunch of hooligans…? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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