General Relativity versus Marxism versus boojois economics

Marxism is too complicated and in the end incoherent. I remember years ago in the seventies (!) living in the East Village, I had a lot of time on my hands and walked to the 42 street library annex every day to use their superb collections. I decided to teach myself General Relativity and Marxism: the library had really good midrange collections on such subjects: myou have you choice of the best textbooks in the world, and the whole literature of Marxism, and you can borrow them and read in the park. I have a fair degree of math: vectors, advanced calculus, sort of, abstract algebra, etc.. I started studying Einstein’s theory, said to be super hard, and Marxism at the same time. Einstein’s theory is supposed to be super hard but with a set of sharp #2 pencils and some large sheets of paper the subject of GR’s tensors falls into place, more or less. At the same time I read maybe fifty books on Marxism.
Buess what: in three weeks I had a rough idea of General Relativity and its tensors, but fifty years later I still can’t make sense out of Marxism. That should tell you something. There is no real way to figure out Marxism because the whole Marx’s theory is a mess. Marx struggled for years and then gave up. A good example is the labor theory of value. I recall the debates in the books I read, of fifty years ago. And then having checked back I see the same debates going on all over again. Absolutely nothing is settled. The theory makes no real sense beyond saying that capitalists don’t pay good enough wages. I also tried the same thing with Samuelson’s text on economics. That case is a little different, but I had the same problem: maginalism and infinitesimal, bull shit. Economics in fragments can be useful no doubt, like the supply and demand curve, but overall the subject is not a science, and defies comprehension even if college students seem to be learning a subject. Maybe, but it is not science. A degree in neoclassical parrot squawk, perhaps.

The moral here is that no one can really figure out Marx, Marx included.
One reason we can’t reach socialism is none know what they are talking about.
The whole field is too complicated. Bourgeois economics I will skip because it sometimes works, sort of.
But Marxists are too confused to move us to socialism.
Over and out

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