It is not anti-semitism to denounce Israeli apartheid and the gangster Zionist mafia….god is not mocked….//American Jews Still Reeling From Rise In Anti-Semitism After Israel-Hamas Conflict, Survey Shows

The claims for a rise in ‘antisemitism’ have passed into the realm of semantic abuse created by Jews themselves. I would distinguish older forms of antisemitism from the quite different anti-Zionism that has arisen from the staggering expose of that legacy, next to the appalling treatment of the issue of Palestine and Gaza. To collate these two, deliberately no doubt, is a form on intimidation toward those who are effectively powerless against the Jewish Lobby, etc… A strange almost bizarre hypocrisy and double standard is at work here. Israelis approach genocide in their treatment of Palestinians and the charge of antisemitism is used as cover for this illegal and inhuman behavior.

Jews and Israelis are destroying their own legacy and have created out of modern Israel a monstrosity that is grotesque and in the USA a clever tyranny of cancel culture making it dangerous.
There is a useful book, cited here several times:
JFK/9ll: 50 years of deep state, important exposes, but I note they have disappeared from Amazon. Also From Yahweh to Zion, by the same author. They leave behind two questions, what was the connection of Mossad to the JfK assassination, and to 911. Jews have a lot to hide and their history here is almost beyond belief…
Amazon deleted my kindle edition, and I got no refund.

60% of American Jews say they have witnessed antisemitism in the weeks since the military conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Source: American Jews Still Reeling From Rise In Anti-Semitism After Israel-Hamas Conflict, Survey Shows

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