Archive: The US’s disgusting genocidal mafia pseudo-democracy can never again be a model of ‘democracy’…for Cuba or otherwise…

The US is a disgusting mess and end-game pseudo-democracy controlled by covert agencies, a drug mafia built-in that rakes in profits from Afghan opium (why did it last so long, duh),
presidential stooges of Wall street, crypto-fascist elements, especially in the corpse of the Republican party, a two-party system fronting for oligarchs, a government that stooped to mass murder on 9/11 in one of the greatest coverups in history, a victim of proxy Israeli zionists who plotted the JFK assassination, helped with 9/11, systematically racist, a menace to democracies overseas, …there’s more, but that’ enough to scare away imitators with their arms twisted by all of the above.
The Cubans need no sermons from me, but the above my be a warning to the hopeless idiots called ‘American patriots’ (and the Miami ‘rightwing Cuban vulture pimps of the old Cuban whorehouse system’)

Source: A four party state? DMNC models… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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