From Marx to Stalin a lost opportunity…//The Jakarta Method: … – 1848+: The End(s) of History

The first part of this important book has a history of the emergence of anticommunism, which begins after the first World War and the counterrevolution of the US/Europe against the Bolsheviks, but intensifies into the Cold War after World War II.
Many readers on the left have a hard time with critiques of Marx, but it is clear now that the left throughout has shot itself in the foot and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. If instead of Marxism_to_Stalinism the left had produced a benign, democratic form of socialism able to think coherently about what that means and able to construct a viable economy, the world would have moved into international socialism very rapidly after World War II, as the US gov must have realized all too well. The communist left had the whole world for the taking in the period just after WWII. Even Italy and France had elected communists. Greece could have joined them, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, were threshold cases. Instead the whole potential ended up in Stalinist madness and confusions. We can consider the immense opportunity thrown away by Stalin, but must indict the whole Marxist as it canon failed on the spot, and within a decade or so the whole possibility was lost. The left based in Marxism was simply incapable of the socialism/they proclaimed and had created a complete red herring in Bolshevism that failed in every instance.
No doubt it has its own flaws (it is a model with variants, and simulations) but our DMNC could in principle have created a robust and viable International of postcapitalism, with planning, socialist markets, democracies and economic and political rights. In the whole legacy from 1917 none of the aborted experiments could even manage habeas corpus and all ended in liquidations. Cuba included.
As the system of world capitalism starts to nosedive the left needs a new framework beyond marxism/leninism and its inexorable stalinism.

This book shows how in the end the US conspired for genocide in Indonesia in a massacre the equal of anything in Stalinism.

It is almost impossible to consider oneself and American anymore: the US is a criminal organization…

Source:  Grand  ol’ US: a system of covert psychopaths and their mass murder…//The Jakarta Method: … – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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