Archive: A four-party state? DMNC models…

A four party state? DMNC models…

In the previous post, we suggested one variant of our DMNC: a democratic structure with one additional feature, a guardian party in addition to a three-party Parliament (or Congress). Three party aspect has the main control, but the Presisdency will be a focal ‘one-party’ system that is a guardian one-party that will defend the structure from external predators and capitalists. But the core power of the state will be in the dialectical three party system where a third party will keep the two-party system out of deadlock (cf. the US at present_
The limited powers of the fourth party will resolve the issue that haunts current democracies in their frequent miscalculation of state power.
This is just one of numberless options, but where a communist party already exists as in Cuba, the flaw in the legacy of democracies can be corrected, intwo directions, with the novel (and speculative) four party system. There are dozens of socialist alternates here, but Cuba has a golden opportunity given the expropriation factor already in place. The vultures coming will try to reform the issue of ‘private property’, be wary. Cuba is already the future here, not the US. If Cuba regresses it will be torn to pieces with especial cruelty by the hyaenas of the US system

The treatment of Cuba by the US will in the future destroy the memory of the American experiment. As likely is that the US will founder in capitalist terminal cancer and Cuba will survive to the fu…

Source: Cuba: an ingenious future as neo-communism? Adios, Yankees… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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