Our DMNC failsafe model: China is a neoliberal gangster state, it is NOT a communist realization….//100-year anniversary: Why do people join the Chinese Communist Party? 

Our critique of Marxist theory and the Bolshevik legacy can help to see what we have frequently said: by not defining terms anyone can claim their meaning. China did not collapse in 1989, too bad. It could have had the ‘success’ it has now outside of the false communist model. But that would of course validate the capitalist model. But China is in reality a neoliberal colony of global capitalism. To achieve ‘real communism’ it must dismantle its illusory system and stage a real and novel revolution.
Our DMNC model exposes at once the illusion: we must have democracy, an economy with planning, and markets, and most of all a Commons. Not state capitalism. In addition, we must infuse this model an ecological set of lenses. This form of definition, for the future, disqualifies the Chinese monstrosity on the spot. Over and out.
We can see the point of our insistence that the left must start over with a new set of categories, as above, and this quick take is of course still incomplete. But it raises key questions: how do you create a democracy in a system which has expropriated capital? What do we mean by planning and do recent computational models really work? What is a socialist market and can we create a market based on licensed resources? What is a Commons, how is it different from state communism or state ownership? Cam our neo-communism overcome covert agency murder, state/capitalist imperialism, and establish a new definition of democracy that also excludes the current pseudo-democracy? What do we mean b a Commons and how can it resolve once and for all the issue of economic (and liberal) rights.
We can see that Marxism was hopelessly confusing, never intended for precapitalist peasant states, etc…It shouldn’t have been that way, but it was. Our DMNC model works on any kind of starting point, peasant, capitalist, feudal, … and even pseudo-communism as in China.

The Chinese Communist Party boasts 92 million members from all walks of life, drawn by ideology, ambition, and the pragmatic knowledge of how to get ahead in the world’s second-largest economy. But little is known about the inner workings of the secretive organization, where open criticism is still taboo. As China prepares to celebrate the […]

Source: 100-year anniversary: Why do people join the Chinese Communist Party? | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

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