The near impossibility of critiquing marxist religious dogma…

The issue of socialism is stuck in a Marxist monopoly, and one that cannot critique its own legacy. The inexorable path to Stalinist in the context of the Dogma will end up trying to liquidate dissenters. The attempt to find common ground in a larger public sphere is thus lost and the whole thing becomes a dead end.

Consider historical materialism. It is a useless theory, but has a large literature amplified by academic strongholds. But what if one disagrees as the left conceivably activates a transformation: it will alienate millions on the spot, so what to do with such…The road to liquidation is short.
The issue of socialism needs an open category system that doesn’t require theories of history or pseudo-science.

The Global Marxism series organized by SSK in Korea has delivered a number of important presentations and papers on aspects of Marxist economics. I participated in the second round with a paper on …

Source: Marx’s law of profitability after Capital – Michael Roberts Blog

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