The lurking menace of Darwinism’s bad theory: Darwin’s genocidal racism?

This is a fascinating article with a telling and tiny flaw: in the midst of all this research Scientists are confused about Darwin’s theory. He does’t deserve the company of Newton et al. Anyone writing about pandemics still confused about Darwin’s theory is a part of the problem. Such people often speak of ‘evolution’ in these discussions of biochemical entities. But the term can’t be used across the board from viruses to species to cultures. Darwin is no hero. There were far better approaches brewing even  before him, but his muddle-headed thinking, in part the result of Wallace’s soon to dissent from  early thinking. Epidemiologists who are also Darwinism are part of the problem, no? The unconscious strain of genocidal racism seeps from the Darwin milieu with its social Darwinist idiocy.

I invite scientists to look at the cornucopia of gifts bestowed on evolutionary man, whose nature disposes him to the most ruthless of errors.  You can’t have it both ways: you can’t say viruses evolve, and apply that logic as theory to organismic evolution, or to man. But the scientific community is almost beyond correction at this point. A distinction of micro and macro evolution has often entered just here.
One can only suspect that capitalist thinking is at work here. It is a puzzle of the paradigm stranglehold of bad science which lurks at the core of modern research like a dogma of the Catholic Church.
Scientists are stickers for evidence and proof, then goof completely on the core subject of evolution.


n the West, Galileo [Galilei], [Rene] Descartes, [Isaac] Newton and [Charles] Darwin—the giants upon whose shoulders we stand—stooped over upon threat of jail or ostracisation.

Source: Rob Wallace on the political economy of pandemics | MR Online

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