Perhaps tenure paranoia?

Scientists can’t afford to wrong on Darwinism, but they are and in the end science will shrink in trust and status. It seems as though the dumber the ‘theory’ the stronger is the hypnotic hold of scientific stupidity.

To see the problem take a look at the eonic effect and the only real example of close-range observation of ‘evolution’, here of civilizations. The book is free. Please do that. You notice that the scale of evolution is so vast and so complex that to even describe its action is very difficult. That science can do up to a point: we have a rough portrait of species evolution in deep time. But we don’t have a shred of proof that such a process as speciation occurs via natural selection. None. Can that simple fact ever be clear to scientists conditioned by academia, capitalism, and peer review tenure paranoia. It seems impossible. It seems impossible that field devoted to empirical questions can get stuck there, en masse.

Source: The lurking menace of Darwinism’s bad theory: Darwin’s genocidal racism? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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