What Is the Meaning of Revolution Today? – Spectre Journal

This is an interesting essay. Our discussions here have usually been above the dilemma of revolution/reform, but if you do it that way you end up considering very seriously the revolutionary option.
Once again we challenge the Marxist dogmas on revolution and, further, reject the example of Bolshevism which has confused the issue.
Marx sees a revolution toward communism as somehow decreed by a law of history and that is surely not the case.
A revolutionary process allows a new foundation to be laid, but the process is so uncertain we have to be wary of what we endorse.
In fact, the French and Russian revolutions were serendipitous and were almost unintended. Then the Jacobins expressing intent ended in the Terror, further confused the issue.
The example of Leninism is sacred doctrine for the Marxists by and large but the example is completely wrong for the future.
The issue of revolution may again prove serendipitous as climate change bestows revolution on rising social chaos. The left needs to be ready and with something better than Marxism, Leninism, or one-dimensional pseudo-communism.
Spectre editor David McNally confronts the new reformism, calling for radical honesty as we assess the meaning of revolution today.

Source: What Is the Meaning of Revolution Today? – Spectre Journal

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