Darwinism at the end of science?…//The academic and scientific orgs enforcing darwinism are a bunch of filthy criminals

There is something malignant about Darwinism, and almost sad. This author of the essay is academically conditioned and cannot escape the false paradigm, even as cynical Darwinists and idiotic ones enforce this dogma. The effort in this essay is simply down the drain, and the many who know better will say nothing. The amount of false research and commentary is almost staggering. The confusion runs deep and one of the strangest outcomes of the Darwin world is the way it fools highly intelligent people, further reinforcing the dogma. Nerds with enlarged IQ’s are by and large totally fooled by the dogma and contribute to the intimidation.
Sometime soon the world is going to wake up and find that not just Trump, but science is filled with lies. And the promotion of social darwinist ideology and its sly justification for political/economic violence. The theory borders on the criminal.

My comment: The issue isn’t really atheism, one way or the other. It is the theory of natural selection. Beyond any theological issue, that theory is false and Darwinism collapses. Some think…

Source: Evolution and atheism: discussion at academia.edu – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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