The coming dark night of the soul for secular humanism…? Laugh it off, and keep on trekking

The secular humanist holds an ‘ace in the hole’ but overall suffers a poor hand, a situation open to repair by any number of combinations of cultural vitamins. But the ‘secular’ world, and I take it that post-christianity in progress is the only real option, but the larger sphere of spiritual history and modernity beset with the New Age movement is starting to enter a dark woods where house calls by the General Semantics movement rescue dogs and a shot of whiskey is not contraindicated. Modernity cannot refuse to reevaluate such legacies but the task is daunting, and former ‘impartial’ judges as ‘buddhas’ are long gone. Can modern man resolve his confusion via, say, Buddhism? Not likely. Mostly, Buddhists are ‘boddhisatwas’, and have vowed not to reach enlightenment… ??? Is this the way, or did the original stream starting with Buddha get it right?

The issue will default to ‘psychologists’ and their fee per hour racket. They are some of the most ignorant, venal and intolerant people in society, making a bundle enforcing social conditioning. Modern scientific so-called psychology has virtually no achievements of any note in the discussions of consciousness.

I can only suspect the author of this book has gone off the deep end, but his claim about the transitional ‘I’ in the transition from sleep to waking with quotes from Ramana Maharsi is so oddball novel (to me) that I am momentarily at a loss to respond. Since the author is out to demolish traditional yogas and meditation, his drastic counterargument causes near fumble by the reader. We have no ‘scientific’ way to test or evaluate statement about the complexities of human consciousness, even as the term ‘enlightenment’ enters chaotic semantics.
But he makes some bad mistakes about history, the Axial Age, and the so-called natural state of Paleolithic man, etc, that his thinking almost has to be wrong, as a fair guess.
The danger here is that the powers that be will invent a substitute and make it a form of conditioning, as we can see from the fake religion of Darwinism.

These arguments follow the older periodization of the Yugas, and everything is mostly in decline. But the eonic model refutes all these archaic arguments. The eonic sequence shows progresssion and progress. However that may not include issues of ‘consciousness’ which is a species characteristic. However that human software does allow the realization of a potential for self-consciousness, etc… Confused by this fact many conclude that since modern man seems unconscious man is declining. That is completely wrong. Man’s consciousness software package has been roughly the same all along.

The post-Christian era (ditto Islam/Judaism) is inevitable, but one last connection remains, especially with Judeo-christianity: do you understand what happened with that? What the heck hit you there? There is a mystery that even a secular humanist can’t grasp. We might take up the subject in another post. But I would say, never look back and move on, but don’t pretend that the average atheist account gets it right either. Someone or something staged the genesis of xtanity in a strange operation that has lost its evidence base, the more to confuse the object of the operation.

The realm of spiritual knowledge is falling into chaos in the secular context. I doubt if it was ever much different. But this book shows how big the muddle can get. There is no easy way to validat…

Source: ????…///YOGA DOES NOT WORK: Without the Transitional ‘I’ : The Astounding Vedic Secret to the God State, Turiya. A Revolutionary Scientific Approach to spiritual enlightenment. – Kindle edition by Richardson (Pen Name), Samuel . Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ – The Gurdjieff Con

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