The fantastic complexity of evolutionary systems

We should reiterate our discussion of the eonic effect in world history. We have suggested but not finally claimed there is a deep connection between historical evolution and organismic evolution. In any case, the eonic effect shows just how difficult a theory of evolution must be.
We have argued that the high-level term almost metaphysical ‘evolution of freedom’ is a category shared by evolution in deep time and the emergence of civilizations. The instances of such an abstraction are very real. Whatever the case, the ‘evolution’ of civilizations is a perfectly good concept, and we can see it is not random, not generated by theistic input, not controlled by economic systems, but a ‘machine’ able to operate over ten thousand years in a directed fashion in directional (teleological) fashion over the surface of a planet, able to seed starting points further elaborated by man, able to recur in place to remorph previous outcome by that time humanly generated in part. Its teleological aspect is super subtle and can act as anti-teleological process multitasking in separate lines of evolution, from there reunifying the lines, a process that can generate seed starting points for art, literature, religion, political systems, etc, and this makes the question of its action elusive: what can stand behind the emergence of art that is purely mechanical. And here we can’t accept a creationist argument, so we confront we have to solve and not kick upstairs to metaphysics or religion.

The whole mystery would resolve if we could posit ‘creative energy’ as an explanatory factor. But that begs the question just as all theological arguments do. We have to explain the explanation, which means we haven’t found the answer.

The eonic effect is frightening: almost all the achievements of man show eonic correlation, almost, with increasing exceptions as if man is beginning to learn. This is not the usual dynamic: it doesnt’ act directly but sees potential creations in man himself.
By comparison, the Darwinian theory is totally stupid at all points. Best to drop it.

Source:  Scientists and paradigm control and domination – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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