After a century of the Darwin propaganda machine can we trust science, and/or scientists attempting a ‘science’ of consciousness? Nope

We have suggested skeptical wariness toward efforts to produce a science of consciousness even as the subject remains of great interest to science fans, as here. This research might well produce good results, but we should be wary of any such result. In fact the problem is clear in the fields of psychology, sociology, and other borderline ‘sciences’.
The same kind of pseudo-science would seem a danger in the study of consciousness. Mankind has a huge legacy of knowledge in the traditions of meditation, and yet these will be completed deleted from any so-called science of consciousness. We must ask what will happen if some limited version of such a science comes into existence? It will immediately be exploited for social control and domination, as was Darwinism. If a scientist can’t figure out the problem with Darwinism he could become a menace on the issue of consciousness. Let us note the large amount of research done by capitalist advertising orgs and the considerable shadow power exerted by such research. It is not believable that neuroscience would be any different. But let us grant at once that these sciences actually do science still with methods that are rigorous if inconclusive. Neuroscientists don’t pretend to know what they don’t know, but still a concealed ideology may lurk. Anyone who has had the experience of misdiagnosis by psychologists for even mentioning yogic states will steer clear of idiot science at work. But now in an age of mindfulness techniques that kind of prejudice is fading away. The issue of consciousness is more than just a ‘hard problem’. It is a field where a science of another kind has already existed for centuries to millennia.
Etc…this is so far alarmist, but I don’t expect anything from scientists who can’t resolve the Darwinism issue. The subject of psychology has and will always delete all issues of human potential in favor of theories that aren’t science.
Let’s hope for the best. The connection of consciousness to the material realm is clear enough already. But the larger issue is an almost baffling mystery, one that science seems unable to even consider let alone resolve.

Source: What’s the Origin of Consciousness? Global Effort Puts Two Top Theories to the Test – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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