What’s the Origin of Consciousness? Global Effort Puts Two Top Theories to the Test

Despite the great interest of this initiative, it is also useful to offer skepticism about this project. Consciousness is not a hard science problem. It stands beyond the kind of problem that is explored in physics to biochemistry. Is it really objectively analyzable?
We cannot know the extent of consciousness. Consider the eonic effect: is evolutionary transformation connected with consciousness? These research projects are controlled by the larger propaganda system of Darwinism, no? Can anyone in these teams dissent from Darwin?  If the flaws of Darwinism are not clear or open to discussion how on earth could anyone expect to resolve the issue of consciousness. The evolution of consciousness has almost no data. How could evolution as such produce consciousness?
Consciousness has been more successfully explored via meditation. The schematic of four brands: sleep, consciousness, self-consciousness, and state 4 (enlightenment) can’t be studied from the state of consciousness, yet perhaps from a higher state of consciousness. State 4 is said to be connected with the overall life domain, the exit from space-time existence, liberation.
Scientific control of consciousness would probably backfire and produced malevolent technologies???
The issue may be insoluble for minds in low-level consciousness.

Six different teams from across the globe are uniting in a challenge to test our fundamental theories of consciousness.

Source: What’s the Origin of Consciousness? Global Effort Puts Two Top Theories to the Test

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