The left is running out of time: the entire marxist corpus should be replaced but the basic cadre is stone cold and out of it as threshold stalinism reigns…

Note the dreadful fact: the minute you use Marxist themes you become entangled with the Stalinist brand. And this problem is going to get worse if China et al. try to do to the left what it does in Africa. Marx’s thinking had a brief launch window in the early twentieth century but very quickly the problems became evident and the ‘science’ claims turned into a liability. The current left is oblivious here but at the key moment of social transition the Marxist branch will jackknife against itself on these points.

I have discussed socialism for years on the web but I have never had a discussion with Marxists. Zero, nothing. The reason is that if you dissent on the slightest point, the ostracism starts at once and discussion is terminated. That is a dangerous position to be in because the coming crisis will default to useless compromises that are basically going to be capitalism in disguise.
As we noted the terminology of marxism has a center of gravity still close to Stalinism, although this is usually but not always abjured.

But the better point is that simpler and clearer ways exist to define socialism/communism and the ponderous works of Marx along with those of Enges are better sidelined. Students have to struggle with Marx’s very poor theories of history, materialism that is out of date and a theory of historical epochs that is clearly wrong. Engels dialectical materialism is another liability, despite its curious interest historically.

The Marxist left usually drives critics into compromised conformism. But if the real crisis comes a revolutionary path will emerge and then end up in a muddle created by marxism.
The issue of revolution is important to keep tabled beside critiques.

Theories of history and evolution are a lost cause. But there is a simple way out.

We need to be clear that China is not a communist system and that the attempt to influence Marxist parties will corrupt them and make Stalinism a norm.Time to move on to something real. Chinese com…

Source: Cognitive dissonance with left terminology – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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