China needs a (neo-) communist revolution

China is already communist you say? Nothing of the kind. Stalinist Maoism was a hopeless case from the start and the question shows how global Marxists are going to lose their whole legacy if they allow Chinese pseudo-communists to infiltrate, fund and Stalinize what’s left of global Marxist ‘lefts’.
We have discussed this many times here: the left cannot use the old Marxism because it creates cognitive dissonance with the abuse of terminology and its double-entendre. You can’t have a discussion if you use the same terminology for Stalinist Bolshevism, Chines pseudo-communism, and Western naive and idealist lefts struggling with capitalism.
If China wants the mantle of ‘communism’ it must start over. Our DMNC model shows at once the missing ingredients. And China is one of the most ethnocentric cultures in the world as the cases of Tibet, and the Uighurs make clear. The only model is crypto apartheid by Han Chinese and imposition of the failed Stalinist model.
As the West falls into a kind of decline, the ascension of China will produce a neo-imperialist context, visible already in Africa (where however it has assisted rapid devolopment). The West so far is incapable of any socialism, but that can change. But the whole effort has to start over beyond Marxism. It is easy to completely recast and repair the old mess of pottage created by Marx/Engels. Marxist has failed in every case where it attempted its platform and the Chinese case is no exception.
I think that the current Chinese system with its gangster capitalist Stalinism is weak at the core despite its terrifying totalitarian grip. It will fail sooner or later, later given its immense capitalist treasure chest.

Western Marxist groups are going to end up in a hopeless muddle unless they can start over and disown the failed legacies here.

As we can see from what happened in Hong Kong it is not enough to preach ‘democracy’. A more complex socialist democracy is needed to mediate false contradictions.

We need to be clear that China is not a communist system and that the attempt to influence marxist parties with corrupt them and make Stalinism a norm. Time to move on to something real. Chinese co…

Source: Chinese gangster stalinism can only corrupt global marxism///Marxist Parties Urged to Strive for Progress of Humankind | Portside – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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