Zionist illusions


The Israeli fiasco: proposition: it is NOT true, false that Jehovah intervened in history to make a jews a chosen people and cede the land of Canaan in perpetuity
The title above is a ‘proposition’, as true or false, stated thus in self-defense. In a world of rising secular humanism, the above is transparently true, and not negotiable anymore. So why are we destroying the Middle East, and finally American democracy to refute the above. How many more wars do we fight over this?
Let’s note the in the nineteenth-century jews had adapted perfectly to modern society and thrived as assimilated or not. Then the demonic horror of Zionism emerged to lead modern Jews down the garden path of a modern Israel. Now Americans have their own problems. They exterminated the Indians to claim their land. The Zionists seemed to have learned the trick. But now it won’t work, although they are indulging in stealth genocide to exterminate Palestinians. Protest? you are an anti-semite.
What a hopeless question, the fag end of judeo-xtian idiocy.

The problem has consistently gotten worse and worse. The Zionists used suitcases of cash to bribe Truman at the key moment. Mossad, by the evidence, conspired to assassinate JFK to further zionist ambition. Israelis and Americans/CIA conspired to false flag the 9/11 massacre to found a war on terror, a zionist and US ambition. Then the concept of conspiracy theory was created to deflect attention from the facts. And very handy to charge antisemitism for anyone who tries to arrive at the facts. The traditional antisemitism is something different. Here secular humanists are trying to extricate from the zionist mafia…And Christians are entirely complicit here.
At this point I think that even if I disown the above remarks it won’t help: they are long since the undercurrent in a system of propaganda that has destroyed the middle east and is in the process of destroying American democracy.

The above is almost too bewildering to deal with. But the tide that must turn is starting to turn. A truly hopeless mess and a warning that Judaism, and Christianity are passing away fast and turning demonic in the process. The question of Israel is absolutely simple. The Bible is worthless to the question.  This nexus of confusion is also rapidly destroying the traditions of monotheism.

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